Tips On How To Secure Your Home

Leaving your home after sale or for another reason may see it left empty for a period of time. So, how do you ensure it is secured? These tips from Rapid Response security company in Meath are here to help you.

1. Conduct a household meeting

Establish home security as a habit, with each member of your household – including the children – agreeing to follow a routine that includes basic rules like:

Use window and door locks. It takes little energy and doesn’t cost you anything. Make it a regular habit to lock all windows and doors when your leave, after coming home, and before going to bed.

Do not open your door to unwelcome or uninvited visitors.

Close and lock your garage door.

Make sure your home is secured even when you are just working around your yard and house. Always use your alarm system, even when you are just visiting your next-door neighbor or running a quick errand. (Also check the important clauses that go with your alarm contract.)

2. Get help from the police

There are some municipal police departments that provide complimentary home inspections. It involves an officer walking through your house and recommending cost-effective, simple changes to improve the security of your home.

3. Stage a burglary

This is a useful, fun exercise you can do with a trusted friend or neighbor: let your neighbor roam around your house for a couple of minutes, finding as many small valuables as they can, and take them out of your house. Allow the would-be burglar to demonstrate just how easy it can be to find valuables. Next hide the valuables from real burglars. This may mean purchasing a small safe that can bolt down to the floor, stash cash and jewelry in unusual places, or rent a safe-deposit box. You can do this for your neighbor as well.

Make sure you are smart about your keys suggests Roy Fever from estate agent Evolution Properties.

4. Eliminate the ‘hidden’ house key

That key underneath the mat, under the rock, inside the mailbox – everyone hides a house key. The problem with that is burglars know where all of the hiding places are. Instead of doing that, giving one to a neighbor you can trust.

5. Put your garage door remotes and keys in smart areas

Don’t leave your house and car remotes and keys close to the door or somewhere visible inside your home. To keep these items hidden secure them inside of a drawer or cabinet.

6. Add discouraging signs

Post security company window stickers or signs close to all of the entryways – whether or not you own a security system. Maybe you already have stickers or signs on hand from an earlier contract that you had with a prior security firm, or perhaps you can get some from friends. Also post a sign stating “Beware of Dog” in spots that are very visible, like on the gate going to your backyard or at the front of your home.

7. Lock the ladder up

Don’t store your ladder outdoors. A burglar, who might pose as a contractor or handyman, could use it for gaining access to your second-floor balcony or window.

Check out our buying guides for windows, door locks and entry doors. And also locate the best homeowners insurance policy that you can find.

8. Light up the outside

If you don’t already have them, purchase and install outdoor lights with infrared motion sensors. Have them installed at each points of entry. Put timers on your porch lights and replace any light bulbs that are burned out. Look for the best bulbs to use for outdoor purposes.

9. Install timers

Whenever you are leaving for appointments or work or going on vacation, create a look that someone is at home using timers on your televisions and lights. There are many gadgets that are available. For instance, Fake TV, simulates a television’s flickering lights, and it looks like somebody is watching TV from the outside.

10. Secure your air conditioning units

Having window air conditions that are unsecured could provide a burglar an easy entry point. Using corner braces, sliding window lock or an air conditioner bracket.

11. Eliminate any hiding spots you might have

If you have shrubbery is not well spaced, bushy or too tall, you are giving a potential burglar a nice spot to hide. Prune and trim your plantings.

12. Check windows

Are your window locks working? If not, replace them or get them fixed. Also think about getting aftermarket window locks installed, which will allow you to open the window a couple of inches while keeping it secure. Another option is using inexpensive window-break alarms. See our home window buying guide for more information.

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