Mobile Security Patrols and Alarm Response

Whether you opt for static security guards or mobile patrol services, it is all a matter of affordability. With this understanding, we delve into providing affordable and yet effective mobile patrol services when hiring static guards turns out to be unfeasible.

What You Need To Know About Mobile Security Patrols from Rapid Response Security Services.

Mobile security patrols are visits to your house performed by professional security patrol officers, who are highly experienced and PSA licensed. The visits are performed to meet the needs and requirements of your clients. In performing the patrols, our officers use patrol vehicles that bear vivid patrols signs. Each vehicle operates within certain geographical areas that our officers are well conversant with, thus matching their experience with our various clients.

mobile security patrolsHowever, it takes more than just arriving at your property to offer proper security. To ensure that your property and the contents within the property are safe, our officers usually look out for signs of disturbance in and around your property. In this regard, they check the windows, the doors, the garage, sheds, your vehicles and many other elements for signs of break-ins.

During instances where they find evidence that suggests a break-in or an actual break-in, they contact our always-available control center staff, who will contact the client’s key holder as well as request police assistance who conduct further, and thorough investigations on the incident in question.

How Effective Is Our Mobile Patrol Security Service?

Granted that there are some property related crimes that are opportunistic in nature, our mobile patrol services are still very effective in deterring property crimes. This deterrence is effective especially for cases of pre-planned property crimes. Having in place mobile patrol officers randomly visiting your property will deter criminals from targeting your property. Since they would not be in a position of understanding the visit schedule, the would-be criminals simply decide not to target your property, least they get caught in the act.

The Cost Of Our Mobile Patrol Services

Across the areas that we serve, which include Meath, Dublin, Kildare and the rest of Leinster. Our customers can attest to the effective nature of your services. Our visits are structured to meet your needs, whilst ensuring that your property receives an optimum number of visits.

Furthermore, since we charge clients for the time spent on their property and not for the travel and waiting time, the overall cost of mobile patrol services tends to be very low.

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