Retail Security

Each of our security guards has an excellent reputation and has worked in retail security with many brands and companies. The security guards offer excellent customer service, security awareness and helpfulness that puts them apart from the other security companies in the area.

Retail Security to Prevent Against Theft

retail security businessEach of our security guards does more than protect against opportunistic thieves and shoplifters. They understand how important it is to be proactive and observant while on the job. They offer excellent interpersonal skills and impeccable customer service and act as brand ambassadors for your business.

They can also help train your staff and offer advice to keep you, your employees and your customers safe. They have received training on how to handle conflicts and can provide physical intervention to keep your customers and staff safe.

Experienced Retail Security Guards for Shops in Meath and Dublin and Leinster

Our expert security guards have been trained in loss prevention methods. They are a cost-effective measure to reduce your stock shrinkage and increase your ROI (return on investment). Finally, having a security guard on staff will bolster your security as well as your brand’s image.

Unlike the security guards used by the majority of retailers, we offer the best security personnel on the market. They provide you with a quality service that matches your image and customer expectations. We currently provides security from time to time to this bakery in Navan.

Security for Retail

Rapid Response Security in Meath provides a complete line of theft prevention protocols to protect your business. It begins with an initial risk assessment. Once this has been completed, we will advise you one the best way to keep your premises secure and safe. We can provide plain clothes detectives and highly visible security guards.

Contact us today to discuss the security options that are best for your company.