Security For Construction And Building Sites

Construction and building sites are frequent targets for thieves since they usually contain plenty of high value plant, equipment and materials They can be easy to access for criminals unless effective and proper security measures are put into place.

It can be especially challenging to provide effective security for construction sites since they change constantly. security for building siteAs a site is developed and built it will change physically, and its value also changes as it develops and grows and different equipment and materials are brought onto the site. Individuals needing to enter and leave the site change as well on a regular basis over the course of a construction project. We provide security for building sites in Meath, Dublin and Leinster through static guards, cameras and other means.

In this piece, we will be looking at some of the more common risks that construction and civil engineering sites face, and explore some steps and methods that can be taken in order to make these kinds of sites more secure.

Challenges of Security for Building Sites

Every construction site has its own specific security issues. It will depend on the location, size and nature of the project, in addition to how long it takes to complete the project. However, in general there are three major kinds of threats that construction sites face:

  • Threats to life
  • Threats to operations
  • Threats to assets and property

The major causes of these risks are terrorism, vandalism and theft.

Our Security on Building Sites Prevents Theft 

This includes the theft of materials, fuel and plant from the site. Theft of construction worker personal possessions can also be included at times. There are a few key reasons why it is so common for theft at construction sites to take place. First of all, since sites are changing constantly and people are moving about constantly it makes them fairly easy targets for an opportunistic thief. Second of all, because when the thief is successful, they can make an easy and quick profit, since the equipment, materials and plant will likely have high value. This is why you need building site security

Thieves also love stealing fuel from sites. It has very high value and is used in generators and vehicles across a site. It makes it very useful for just about everyone, but it’s also quite difficult to trace. Theft of fuel may be quite costly for a construction site, since machinery is unable to operate without it, and it most likely that fuel tanks will be damaged in the process. These two things can both prove to be quite costly and cause delays to the project. Construction sites may fall prey to thefts that are carefully planned, but to opportunistic thefts as well, when somebody realizes how easy it can be to steal from a site that is left unprotected. We provide security for construction sites in Dublin, Meath and Leinster through static guards, camera surveillance and other means.

Arson And Vandalism can be prevented with Security for Construction Sites

Arson, deliberate damage or vandalism of construction sites are common as well. They usually are carried out by individuals who just like causing destruction and damage. They often view a local building site as the perfect place for releasing all of their pent up energies. These acts can also be carried out by individuals who have a specific ax to grind – like individuals who oppose a construction project for commercial or political reasons, or individuals work who don’t want the building project to proceed due to the effect it may have on their property.


Other Common Security Problems

In addition to the three major threats discussed above, there are also a wide range of various other potential threats that construction sites may face, including:

  • The construction site being used for accessing other buildings
  • Construction workers being attacked by individuals who oppose the building work
  • Protesters obtaining access to a site to provide their cause with publicity or to campaign against a certain construction project
  • Intruders gaining access to a site who are intent on committing suicide

All of these are man made risks, however you need to also account for risk of natural hazards like landslides, storm damage and floods. This is all helped by our security for construction sites.

Rapid Response provides security for building sites and aims to prevent these issues, ensuring you a return on your investment with us. Contact us for details.