Surveillance for Insurance and Littering

Are you looking for discreet and affordable private investigation services or litter survelliance services? Rapid Response provides these services throughout Ireland.

Litter Survelliance Serviceslitter surveillance services

We provide cameras to monitor litter black spots. Our litter surveillance system can be easily set up and we’ve worked with a number of councils in the past. In these cases we provided monitoring of bottle banks and other litter black-spots. We also work with insurance companies on personal injury fraud case survelliance.

We supply you with a cost effective solution for your private investigation requirements.

Personal Injury and Insurance Fraud Survelliance

Our investigations and surveillance services can perform a variety of duties, including personal injury frauds, litter survelliance and also custom camera surveillance services . We have a large number of operators that service the entire nation. By using a local PI, you can reduce the cost without neglecting quality.

Our aim is to provide you with 100 percent confidentiality, irrefutable evidence, cost-effective services and flexibility.